Tara Basi // My Story from Singularity50 is By Any Other Name


I must thank my mentor, Word, without whom I’d still be using a pointy stick dragged through wet mud to scratch out my dyslexic prose. With Word’s help, I have lifted myself out of obscurity, and now, thanks to Singularity 50, I am looking forward to cult anonymity.


Also, heartfelt thanks to the writers’ groups who’ve laughed at my literary efforts, cringed at my humorous submissions and were often face smacked into silence by my unique approach to grammar and spelling. Without their encouragement (mostly to take up plumbing) I wouldn’t be the writer I am today.


Thanks, must also go to my great literary influence, Beatrice McFurtain and her seminal work, The Thumbtack Serial Killer Virgin, and its dark psychological sequel, Why Won’t They Keep Still?


Another unmissable, unpublished, smash hit, crying out to be snapped up: The Orb

An alien artefact, the Orb, appears over London. In the following decades the shock of the enigmatic Orb’s arrival triggers a global economic collapse and two world wars. Nations fall into a new Dark Age and the Orb is worshiped as a god. The mysterious murder of Peter’s daughter leads him to Zip, a deeply disturbed woman. Together they uncover the Orb’s purpose, a revelation so shocking it risks a new global conflagration.


My fabulous available works are not too numerous to mention and make excellent gifts for people you like as well as those you don’t.


My Links: Seven at Two Past Five // Masterminders // Blocks (a trilogy) // Email: sls@sls.demon.co.uk

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